About Me

“Anyone who can build a solid foundation rooted in radical authenticity, groundbreaking transparency, Divine identity and aligned action is UNSHAKABLE and therefore IMPACTFUL.”


I am absolutely in love with people who want to change the world with their own two hands.

The ones who can no longer stand hearing the call of their name while hiding in the depths of things like fear, shame, feelings of worthlessness, self doubt and so many more things that keep us from rising up. The people who begin to understand that, in order to up-level, every single area of their lives will need to shift.

This is why I’m here.

I am an Empath & Intuitive Guide, Transformational Coach, and Certified ThetaHealer®. Bottom line; I am passionate about helping game changers shape shift from what the world has tried to make of them, into who they truly are so that they can carry out their passion, purpose and mission.


What does this mean?

  • It means… walking you through the personal journey back in alignment with your divine identity and helping you overcome the obstacles that try to deviate you from it.
  • It means… helping you see the way to your next vision when you can’t even see the floor beneath you.
  • It means… breaking through the internal blocks and activating the flow of energy that a game changer needs to continue rising to the call of their name.
  • It means… crafting the beauties of a New Paradigm Biz (if you’re into the entrepreneur thing) through non-manipulative, authentic, sacred self infused branding and design.
  • It means… working with you on all the areas in your life and their integration to your purpose driven legacy. The areas of your life that, contrary to popular belief, do matter to the game changer… because I believe faking it until you make it is complete bull.
  • It means… holding you accountable to your greatness and always, always showing you the way through when you can’t see it.

That is who I am.

That is what I am here to do.

This is why I do it…

I was born feeling people. My father, a 30 year student of the esoteric teachings, nurtured this aspect of me since I was three years old. I had a way of loving people for the things the world couldn’t see within them completely disregarding whether or not they were honoring such things or not. Throughout my life, this led me down many paths; wounds around religion, darkness, pain, bliss and heartache. Somewhere along those paths, I lost myself. The beauty, however, lies in my return.

I had made a career in branding and graphic design. What fascinated me the most was translating passion into art. Getting a glimpse at the sparkle in the eyes of those who spoke about what set them on fire and creating something out of it. I took this career and morphed it into my identity. I wasn’t home yet, though. Having access to people’s hearts I began to feel them in ways I couldn’t understand. The more lost they were from authentic passion the more I hurt. In turn, the more I felt they became mirrors and, upon facing my reflection, I broke. I broke into a million suicidal pieces, and my business persona and ego went down with it.

Everything went dark. If I wanted to come out alive, I had to crawl my way out in pitch black. In the depths of this rabbit hole, I recognized what MY voice sounded like. I discovered the ageless wisdom I have carried within me for lifetimes. I unlearned the load of crap that was imposed upon me. I learned that my empathic and intuitive gifts were an essential part of what I am here to do and that I have to honor them righteously. I broke through all of the crap that wasn’t allowing me to rise to the call of my name. I understood that the wisdom and intuitive ability to guide, the innate voice to empower and hold accountable, and the ability to co-create legacies with people rising to the call of their name… was the call of mine.

Are you ready to answer the call of yours?