Ahhh the joys of being an entrepreneur. There are so many pro’s of being an entrepreneur this day and age. The freedom, the opportunities, the endless possibilities, the growth, and the excitement. It’s a great experience that I wouldn’t change for the world. With social media, entrepreneurship has become more accessible than ever. In just a second, we connect to millions of other entrepreneurs… and their lives.

That being said, after spending 7 years serving entrepreneurs in my “previous life” as a brand strategist and designer…there are some “entrepreneur traps” that I’ve noticed over and over again. We’ve all fallen for this at some point or another. As your Deep Self-Care Advocate, I need you to know what these self sabotaging traps are so that you can avoid them at all cost.


The 3 Entrepreneur Traps


  1. The Hustle

    Being an entrepreneur requires work. It doesn’t matter whether you are a master at manifesting, you’re still putting in a good amount of work. Even those who are selling you manifestation workshops to have 6 figure months are putting in the work to place their information in front of you. That being said, I want to distinguish the difference between devotion in work and the kind of hustle that gets pushed out there. Burn out has turned into a crown of glory. Lack of adequate sleep is the new popular and obsession is what gets pushed. Don’t fall for it. Don’t feel like you have to slave away as an entrepreneur in order to be the “hustler”. There’s power in the pause. Your body calls for it. Your mind calls for it. Your spirit calls for it. Your soul calls for it. It’s important.

  2. The Keep Up Culture

    I believe in a person’s gift, talent, and even education…not their lifestyle. With lifestyle entrepreneurship being a real thing… the keep up culture puts us on an endless treadmill of… well, keeping up. We’re constantly presented with “the next thing”. We’re constantly presented with what the idea of what they’re selling LOOKS LIKE. So if we don’t have a life that looks like that, then we’re constantly looking for it. This is literally a psychological phenomenon. Be sure to measure your own success. Allow yourself to be shown what your highest and best looks like from within. Allow yourself to lean into what it should feel like. Grow into this place that you’ve created in your own center. When you do this, you’ll see just how attainable it is for you to reach it each and every single time.

  3. The Purpose/Business Connection

    In the world of entrepreneurship, especially coaching, we often see conversations and offerings that revolve around monetizing your purpose. Doing what you’re meant to do in this world by launching your business. This can become quite dangerous over time. Here’s why: Businesses are separate entities. I might get burned at the stake for this but listen to me when I say… Your business is not your purpose. People have lost their entire minds behind this belief when they experience failure in business and truly believe that they have failed their purpose. Your purpose goes FAR BEYOND your business.

    Your SOUL’S evolutionary purpose is a very individual purpose. You are on this planet for soul evolution. That’s your number one purpose.

    Spiritually speaking, one of the greatest contribution you can make to humanity is to commit to your soul’s evolution. You are a piece to the great puzzle, but that’s for another post. Your secondary purpose, the earthly purpose and how you are here to serve others, is also not your actual business. Your business is but a vessel and a tool that you use in order to assist you in fulfilling your earthly purpose. You can serve your purpose in the midst of a conversation at the coffee shop with a random stranger. You can serve your purpose through the random acts of kindness and how you treat others when they aren’t paying you for your attention. You can serve your purpose through your life as a parent, spouse, sibling, and friend. Those are the most powerful ways that you serve.

    Your business is a tool that allows you to connect with those who need you in a way that also allows you to make a living. That’s it.

    So yes, make your business purposeful. However, know that your business is not your purpose. If it fails (failures happen)… there are many other opportunities by which you fulfill your purpose on this big magical rock that we call home.


The best way to avoid falling into all three of these traps? Know thyself, and care for the Self that you know. 

xox, Darling