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Hola, friends! Let me first say that I’m so appreciative of the messages and DM’s I’ve been getting surrounding the Creating Consciously theme, and I’m JUST getting started. If you haven’t watched the intro video to this month’s theme you can always click here to check it out.

One of the biggest questions I’ve gotten is, “how do you create consciously?”. So, it made for the perfect blog post. The thing about creating consciously is that it isn’t something else on your to-do list. I think it’s super fun to have cute little to-do lists a la CosmoGirl magazines but the truth is that some of those lists just give you more to do just because someone told you to do those things. For this reason, I’m not going to give you a laundry list of specific action items. There are three simple ingredients to creating something consciously:

1. Stay in your lane.

Yeah, some people don’t agree with this but honestly, the less looking around you do the more likely you are to Create Consciously from a place of inner guidance. I get it; sometimes we need to research, sometimes we’re looking for some practical guidance outside of us (I mean you’re here, right?) and sometimes we need to straight-up outsource things that just don’t make us happy. This is normal. You know what I’m talking about; it’s those nights where you are endlessly scrolling and you can feel the icky feeling when you see someone doing something you wish you had thought of yourself. The imposter syndrome that you get when you see what someone else just launched and created. The questioning and doubt that goes through your mind asking yourself, “why not me?”

Listen, stay in your lane. Your purpose is yours and yours alone regardless of how close you think it is to homegirl that just launched (and sold out) on her program. Your creations are meant to have YOUR divine imprint and there’s nothing that can duplicate that. Also, their creation has their divine imprint (usually) which no one can duplicate. It’s so important to remind yourself of this. Let’s do away with sending your brand designer to someone else’s brand and requesting it look like theirs. They aren’t you. Your personal brand needs to have your personal imprint. Your intention supercharges your creation, so if you intend to look like someone else… then what is it really supercharged with?

Most of the time, I’ve noticed that this habit boils down to one thing (on the surface that is): You don’t actually believe that your mojo is powerful enough to succeed. To which I say: NONSENSE! Though it DOES bring me to the 2nd ingredient to creating consciously…

2. Know Thyself.

Ooooh, this one fires me UP! You see, when you KNOW thyself… it goes deeper than what your favorite fall fashion is this year. It goes beyond what your favorite color is and what is making you happy these days. Knowing thyself means knowing who you are on a soul level. Knowing your power, knowing your source, and being crystal clear on what it is that you’re doing on this beautiful planet. It is understanding that even your identity is ever-flowing and ever-growing and knowing how to nurture it at its core throughout all of its stages. This isn’t a one time experience where you have an epiphany and it stops there. The more you nurture yourself, the more you grow into a knowing that stays constant. The more time you spend nurturing yourself and being in your true identity, the easier it is to acknowledge the false beliefs like:

  • My mojo isn’t powerful enough to succeed.
  • I need to look and act like someone else to make an impact.
  • When my brand looks like theirs, then it will be successful.
  • I just don’t have the charisma.
  • And so many more…

These beliefs, and any behavior/habit that reinforces them, will begin to feel unnatural to you the more time you spend being who you know you are and connecting to your source within.

Here’s the kicker: This looks different for everyone. We all have our paths. This may look like reconnecting with God for one person. It may look like stepping into your body for the next person. It could look like working with the elements and the moon. It could be a combination of both where you are finding the truth in more than one practice. It could be looking into the practical functionality of how you function through the use of your human design or astrological makeup. We’re all different. Our journeys are different. So there isn’t a one size fits all. No one can do this work for you, but you can definitely be guided along the way.

 3. Work Your Intuition.

Give birth to your creations from within. Listen to your intuition, what is it asking you to create at the moment? Maybe it is for your business, maybe it isn’t. It doesn’t matter right now because believe me when I tell you there’s a process within you that leads to all sorts of potent outcomes. It’s important to get your head out of the “how will this make me money?” and into the “what am I putting out into the world right now?”

It’s amazing how many stories you’d read where people just happened to stumble upon their thing. Rarely is it ever as simple as it sounds. There was a lot of creation, a lot of redirection, and a lot of discovery. This is that beautiful creative process that WE as CREATORS inherently possess. It is a part of us. As Above So Below.

Again, I feel like a broken record but it must be said, this looks different to everyone. Just because the person next to you taps into this creative force by painting a mural every night doesn’t mean this is what you should do (stay in your lane). Yours might be simple, but powerful. It’s all about finding your unique creative flow, working with it, and listening to it.

This is where the big ideas are born from. This where those “Godccidents” happen, where the universe gets to put its magic, and where you get to imprint your creations. This is where you get magnetic. This is where you finally reach the level that you have been admiring so much in others. This is where you begin to Create Consciously.


I want to know… what are you creating right now? How can you create this intentionally and consciously? Also, if you’d like to get your mind in the space to consciously create, grab my Blossoming Creator Guided Affirmations Audio here!