Let’s Co-Create


Identity Immersion

(2- hour session) 

Are you feeling like somehow, somewhere… you just lost yourself in this journey? Suddenly you’re doing all the things and none of it feels alive.

This 2-hour immersion goes DEEP into your identity as an individual.

The goal is for you to walk out free from any mental blocks, full of fresh perspective, with a better understanding of who you are, and with clarity on moving forward with purpose and confidence. Stop doing all the things, just to do all the things. It’s time to step consciously into your path. 

Investment: $350

As Within So Without Branding Experience

(4 weeks) 

Whipping up a brand based solely on what’s trendy and what everyone else is doing is so not the way you roll. You feel it. You know it. It’s time to go deeper.


Let’s co-create your brand from within.


The As Within So Without Branding Experience includes:

  • A 2-hour Identity Immersion with me where we dive deep into YOUR identity and cultivate the foundation of your brand from there. Together we’ll get you clarity on the unique energy that you will imprint onto your brand, translate that into your brand’s mission, vision, and values.
  • Creative Hour Session where we get together (after you’ve processed our immersion) and we bring your soul brand to life visually. We’ll dream up all of the imagery and discuss everything we need to craft an aligned aesthetic for your brand. 
  • Logo Design.
  • Brand Style Guide that includes your brand’s color story, typography, and mood. 
  • Permission to Self-Express Session (1hr.). In this session, we talk about how you’ll show up in life and business. This session will have you feeling confident about showing up in a way that aligns with YOU (that’s right… you really DON’T have to do EVERYTHING.)

Investment: $997

Client Love

“You know when you can just tell there’s something blocking you from the next level you’re trying to get to, but can’t put your finger on what it is? Darling finds the block and removes it. Would have thought that sounded too good to be true until I experienced it for myself. Forget years of talk therapy. Book a session with Darling ASAP. You can’t afford not to.”

Andrea Crowder

CEO & Lifestyle Coach, Spiritually Intimate

“Darling took the time to walk with me through my limiting beliefs, no bypassing, and stood side by side with me I as I journeyed toward more self awareness. I am so grateful for her thorough approach and I cannot recommend her enough. Integrative, embodied, practical, and yet otherworldly, Darling… HAS IT ALL! Truly. She can hold so much and her container is of the highest integrity.”

Esi Evans

Interdisciplinary Healing Artist

“I taught people into their worthiness… It wasn’t a conversation I had with myself because I thought I was there. Immediately after this program something in my identity changed and those changes shifted the WHOLE of my existence. EVERYTHING in my life up leveled on a quantum level. I felt like someone punched me in the face with glitter. I don’t have the appropriate words for it.”

Martha Hornby

Soul Sovereignty Activist

“To say that it made a difference, is a euphemism. Her mentorships have been truly transformational for me. The techniques she uses to clear out limiting beliefs and blocks, and the tools and approach within the programs are very helpful, empowering, and practical. She really knows what it takes to climb out of the darkest holes from her own life experience, and has been a beacon of light for me in difficult times.”

Willemijn Maas

MD & Holistic Life Coach

“Never have I felt so supported and fully seen, heard, or understood as I have through my time working with Darling. She was able to connect me with all of my scattered, fragmented pieces I had been collecting… and uniting them into a beautiful whole that is a true reflection of me. She truly has a genuine gift of being able to pinpoint purpose and connect you with it! Whether you are looking to dig deep into your inner work, or connect with your unlocked potential, you need Darling. Privately, personally, and professionally, she has you covered.”

Meghan M.

Astrologer & Divine Feminine Healer

“When I first started working with Darling, I had no idea how I wanted to be seen in the world, I just knew that I needed to step up my game. Through her help and guidance, I now have so much more insight into some of my own doubts and fears concerning how I want to show up in the world. Her help and intuition have been invaluable to me and my process, and I’m forever grateful to have been connected with her. She’s been fantastic to work with, and I couldn’t recommend her more.” 

Christine C.

Soul Doula


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